Intro to Contentful for Content Authors (Auth-101)
Content Authors
Intro to Contentful for Content Authors (Auth-101)
In this course, you will learn about Contentful and the benefits of using Contentful as a content author. You will also learn about how your role fits into the broader Contentful ecosystem of teams and discover ways you can collaborate with...
Authoring in the Contentful Web App (Auth-102)
Content Authors
Authoring in the Contentful Web App (Auth-102)
In this course, you will learn how to use the Contentful web app to complete some common authoring tasks. Although there is no prerequisite for this course, we recommend reviewing the "Introduction to Contentful for Content Authors" course...
Contentful Certified Professional Exam (Cert)
Contentful Certified Professional Exam (Cert)
Welcome to the Contentful Certified Professional exam. Before you purchase this exam, you must take the How to Get Certified course, which you will find on your homepage.
Contentful Certification Study Guide (Cert-study)
Contentful Certification Study Guide (Cert-study)
This course provides an overview of key Contentful technical concepts and best practices that are found in the Contentful Certified Professional exam. If you plan to take the exam, we highly recommend that you complete this course first. Even if...
How to Get Certified (Cert-terms)
How to Get Certified (Cert-terms)
This brief course explains how to become a Contentful Certified Professional. Topics include: * How to prepare for the exam * The terms and conditions of the Contentful Certified Professional program * Detail about the exam format and...
Content Delivery Architectures and APIs (Dev-101)
Content Delivery Architectures and APIs (Dev-101)
Contentful's API-first approach allow for greater flexibility, faster implementation and faster performance than traditional content management systems. In this course, you'll learn • Trade-offs between different content delivery...
Extensibility: UI Extensions, Webhooks and Apps (Dev-102)
Extensibility: UI Extensions, Webhooks and Apps (Dev-102)
Contentful allows you to customize the web app to improve the authoring experience, integrate with other tools and create sophisticated workflows. In this course you'll learn • How to use UI extensions to streamline and enhance the content...
Managing Content at Scale (Dev-103)
Managing Content at Scale (Dev-103)
Contentful allows developers to use familiar processes and tools to refactor content models, manipulate content with scripts and implement a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) strategy. In this course, you'll learn: • How to...
Intro to Rich Text (Dev-104)
Intro to Rich Text (Dev-104)
In this beta course, we’ll compare rich text to markdown and WYSIWYG. We will also demonstrate how to create and configure rich text fields, how to render rich text content as HTML, and when to use rich text instead of content assemblies.
Intro to Content Modeling (Model-101)
Content Modelers
Intro to Content Modeling (Model-101)
We recommend you take this course first on your journey to mastering content modeling. ​In this course you will learn the fundamentals of content modeling in Contentful along with understanding the differences between structured versus...