Certification Policy

Certification candidate name

The name you used when registering for the Contentful Learning Center will be the name under which you will be certified if you pass the exam. You must use your real name. If you need to change your name in the Contentful Learning Center, please contact Contentful Learning Services to make this change before attempting the certification exam.

Name changes requested after certification is purchased will require proof that you are the authorized owner of the email address you used when you signed up for the Contentful Learning Center.

Exam retakes

Purchasing an exam gives you the right to attempt the exam and—should you not pass on your first attempt—to make a second attempt without further charge. You must wait 7 days from your initial attempt before making the second attempt. When the waiting period is complete, you will automatically be enrolled in the retake exam in the Contentful Learning Center.

If you do not pass on the second attempt and wish to try again, you must contact Contentful Learning Services for authorization to repurchase the exam. Authorization to repurchase an exam after failing to receive a passing score is at Contentful’s sole discretion.

Exam purchase expiration

All candidates must complete the exam (including any second attempts) within one-year of the date of purchase. Any purchased exams not taken within one year will expire. No refund will be given for expired exams.

Exam format

The Contentful Certified Professional exam is an online exam taken on your own desktop or laptop computer at your location. Mobile phones and tablets are not supported. Before attempting the exam, make sure you have a modern internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and a reliable internet connection.

The exam consists of multiple-choice and select-all-that-apply questions in English. You must complete the exam in one sitting. The maximum time allowed to complete the exam is 75 minutes. To pass the certification, you must get a final score of at least 70%.

Exam rules

You must observe the following rules when taking the certification exam. Failure to follow these rules will invalidate your certification and may result in you not being permitted to attempt Contentful certification in the future.

  1. You must provide Contentful with your real name when attempting the certification. You must not attempt Contentful certification under any other name without first notifying Contentful. You may not attempt certification from multiple email addresses or Contentful Learning Center accounts.
  2. You must complete the exam personally. No one may take the exam on your behalf, provide you with exam questions or answers prior to taking the exam, or assist you in any way while you take the exam.
  3. While taking the exam, you are not permitted to refer to reference materials (documentation, notes, online resources, etc.).
  4. You must not share exam questions or answers with others or give assistance to others while they take the exam.
  5. You must not claim or imply that you are Contentful certified until you receive an actual certificate from Contentful verifying your certification status. You must stop claiming or implying that you are Contentful certified if your certification status is revoked for any reason or if it has expired.
  6. As a Contentful Certified Professional, you must uphold the highest standards of integrity and professional conduct in all your dealings. You must not do anything that would damage Contentful’s reputation or its business success.

At the end of the exam, you will be required to affirm that you complied with and will continue to comply with these rules.

Certification policy enforcement

Although you will receive exam results immediately when you complete the online exam, passing the exam does not complete the certification process and does not grant you Contentful certified status.

Contentful manually verifies all certification results to look for evidence that certification policies may have been violated. When the verification process is complete, Contentful will send a confirmation email to the email address associated with your account in the Contentful Learning Center. The email will include a personalized certificate in PDF form. When you receive your certificate, you can announce to the world that you are a Contentful Certified Professional.

Should questions arise during the validation process about whether you complied with Contentful’s certification policy, you will receive an email that describes the process you must follow for your certification to become official. Contentful reserves the right to confirm that candidates reasonably have the knowledge to back up a passing score. The actions that Contentful may take to verify a candidate’s knowledge include (but are not limited to) a phone interview to assess a candidate’s knowledge or a requirement for the candidate to retake the exam in a proctored setting.

If Contentful reasonably suspects certification policy violations, it may refuse certification or revoke an already granted certification. If your certification is revoked, you are no longer permitted to claim that you are Contentful certified. Depending on the severity of the violation, you may be barred from any future Contentful certification.

Certification expiration

A Contentful certification is valid for two years from the date of your Contentful Certified Professional certificate. Contentful reserves the right to make changes to its certification program, exam structure, and partner program requirements. These changes might require that you take additional steps to have the most current certification or to comply with new partner program requirements. But failure to do so will not invalidate any certification you have already been awarded that has not yet expired or been revoked.

Certification privacy

Contentful does not publicly release any information about certification exam attempts. However, by taking and passing the certification exam, you agree to give Contentful the right to include your name in public lists of Contentful Certified Professionals and to confirm that you are certified should a third party reasonably request verification of your Contentful certification status.